If you are new to SCORM Debugger, you may want to start with the “Free” plan, which is free, and allows you to try out the SCORM Debugger and all of its features, although with limitations. It is great to try and evaluate the product, or if you are a sporadic SCORM developer.

If you like SCORM Debugger and need access to a more complete version, choose between the “Starter”, “Specialist” or “Professional” plans.

If you develop your SCORM content with authoring tools other than Articulate Storyline, you can start with the “Starter” plan, unless you need more storage space or a higher number of restore points. But if you regularly work with Articulate Storyline, then “Specialist” or “Professional” is the right plan for you, as these two plans include the advanced debugging features exclusive for Storyline.

Regarding the method of payment, remember that if you subscribe to the annual payment method, you will save the equivalent of two monthly payments!