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With the SCORM debugging tool, you can test your e-learning content and debug in detail all the SCORM data sent and received. You can save different states using recovery points and then return to any of them at any time. And you can include break points, so the debugger alerts you when a value changes.

External editor for the Storyline

It allows you or your clients to change certain parts of the content created with Articulate Storyline, without the need to publish the project again. This tool allows you to edit the content of WebObjects and texts stored in variables, as well as to change the attachments of your content. You can download the updated SCORM package after implementing the changes. As simple as that!


Protect your SCORM content so that it can only be viewed in a specific LMS, to control the maximum number of users that can access it or to set a content validity date. SCORM Protector protects your content against unauthorized use.


Forget about the limitations of SCORM and allow your content to store all kinds of information in a Learning Record Store (LRS). The perfect solution for creating complex content, serious games, simulators or games that require storing, processing and retrieving information that could not be handle otherwise.

ScormNEXT - A SCORM Cloud solution from WelcomeNext

Do you need to distribute your elearning courses in a safe and centralized way?

Discover how scormPROXY (formerly scormNEXT) can help you!

A scorm cloud solution that will allow you to distribute your SCORM content to your clients’ LMS remotely through a system of connectors and licenses. With scormPROXY you can keep your content secure and centralized in an online repository. And you can control at all times who accesses your content and for how long.

About us …

WelcomeNext ( is an e-learning provider that specializes in online training and learning technologies.

We are experts in SCORM technology and in everything related to the world of online training (e-learning). We have created an ecosystem of solutions and services that focus on training content consultants, publishers and developers:

  • scormNEXT – remote distribution of SCORM content

  • SCORM Tools – Suite of cloud SCORM tools

  • WelcomeLMS – Cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS)

  • WelcomeXperience – E-learning authoring tool in the cloud

  • Tailored developments – We virtualize custom SCORM content


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